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Commercial Spa & Pool Pump Supplies

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Every pool owner knows that in order to make pool maintenance a breeze and keep water free of debris, bugs, algae and other unwanted substances, a proper sized pool pump is a must!
Choosing a pool pump shouldn’t be a scary or overwhelming endeavor. Being educated is the first step at pool pump supply independence and will save you time and money, so consider the following when deciding on pool pumps in Miami.

What are the purpose of Pool Pumps?

Pool pumps are designed to circulate water through your filtering system while also sanitizing and mixing the chemicals necessary to keep a pool clean. A properly fitted pool pump is necessary.
Horse power isn’t as important as you think when it comes to pool pumps. A more efficient pump is one that is correctly sized for your pool and will curb the chance of energy waste and excessive wear on your other equipment.

Your first step in choosing pool pump supplies is to size your pool by first calculating the volume of water in your pool (also known as the average depth). Once you have calculated this and know the volume of water in your pool, you need to calculate the flow rate, head, and turnover required to process the water in the number of hours you want. Flow Rate is the volume of water that travels through the pool pump during a period of time. It is measured in GPM. Head refers to the amount of resistance water experiences as it is passed through the pipes and to the pump, such as bends in the pipes and the water filter all create resistance to water flow. Every piece of equipment that is connected to your pool’s circulation and filtration creates resistance to water flowing through to the pump and must be taken into consideration. This includes heaters and cleaners, filters and pipes. Some items such as your filter and other pool supplies will note their resistance or you can contact their manufacturer to find out. Our experts at Miami Pumps can help you determined your Flow Rate and Head so that you fit your pool with the proper pool pump in Miami.

Once you have these very important calculations, you will be better able to understand the manufacturer performance charts to determine which pool pump supplies are best for you. Miami Pumps is ready for your pool pump supplies needs and we’re proud to be the #1 purveyor of pool pumps in Miami.

And if adding a slide to your pool is something you’d like, Miami Pumps can help you with your pool slide pumps as well! Though most pool slides come with a water delivery system, we can help you choose the best pool slide pump to give you the true water slide experience, just like in your favorite water park! Call us to discuss pool slide pumps today!

There are not many pump manufacturers that cater to the commercial pool market in Miami and we are proud to represent and support the leaders in this industry from Gould water pumps, Franklin Electric, Gormon Rump Pumps, Pacer Pumps and much more. Our pool pump supplies will help treat water recirculation to interactive water park features, Give us an opportunity to earn your business today by submitting a quote request.


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