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Industrial Water Pumps & Commercial Water Pumps


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Industrial Water Pumps are heavy-duty water pumps used throughout various industries for the moving of a variety of fluids. Industrial water pumps don’t only transport water, but are used to transfer liquids including but not limited to: oils, chemicals, food, sludge, wastewater, and many other. They’re also made to operate under extreme condition in a variety of climates and terrains. For this reason, industrial water pumps must be durably constructed for hard work from the best materials to make sure they work at their best all day, everyday.

Whether it’s conveying oil from deep in the ocean or transferring chemicals, Miami Pumps has experienced engineers ready to guide you through our vast selection of industrial water pumps pumps to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Submersible Utility Pumps

Whether you’re removing a small puddle or a bigger incident such was drawing water from your flooded basement, a submersible utility pump will be your #1 tool. A submersible utility pump is a versatile pump ideal for transferring water from crawl spaces, pools, flooded areas, and more. They’re easy to use and don’t require extensive instillation. Submersible utility pumps are just that, submersible. They’re made to be completely immersed in water without fear of breakage. A submersible utility pumps motor is encased in a protective partition (a dry motor) and will never be affected by the matter they’re pumping, whether the unwanted water is merely a few inches to overflow in the gallons. Others are made with motors that work in spite of water running through it. These are wet motors.

For help in finding a submersible utility pump that’s best for you, contact Miami Pumps where our expert engineers can answer any question you may have regarding your needs.

Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation pumps are used to provide water for a section of land, anywhere from a small lawn to larger areas like a farm. There are various types of irrigation pumps and before choosing an irrigation pump, you should first design your irrigation system to make sure you purchase the irrigation pump that’s best for you.

There are many types of Irrigation pumps, but the four basic types are:

Submersible pumps are pumps meant to be immersed completely underwater.

Turbine Pumps is a submerged water pump, but the motor is above the surface. If water levels vary, this pump is a great choice as it uses suction to draw water up, making up for low pressure-levels.

Propeller Pumps are located near the surface of the water, but do not provide enough enough suction to draw up water. They are high-capacity however and work well when moving large volumes of water.

Contact Miami pumps to discuss which Irrigation Pump is best for you and your needs!


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