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Irrigation Pumps

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There are many types of irrigation pumps, but before purchasing your irrigation pump you should first plan out your irrigation system to know your specific needs. Once you have planned your irrigation system, you can decide on the type of irrigation pump that works best for you. Some different kinds are:


  • Impulse Pumps
  • Gravity Pumps
  • Velocity Pumps
  • Positive Displacement Pumps

    How Does An Impulse Pump Work?

An impulse pump creates pressure using gas/air to push water through your irrigation systems discharge pipe

Gravity Pumps use gravity to move the water through the irrigation system. These systems only work when the main water source is at a point that’s higher than the place the water will be pumped to. Velocity pumps moves water by growing the flow velocity. It then converts this increased energy into pressure. The energy is increased when the speed is reduced as it enters the discharge pipe, which in turn forces water up the discharge line. Positive displacement pumps enclose a quantity of fluid. It is then mechanically moved it through the pump into the irrigation system. Positive displacement pumps are used when the liquid being pumped might be too much for a centrifugal pump.


An irrigation pumps effectiveness and performance is dependent on two variables: horsepower of the pump’s motor and the size of the impeller. The impeller causes centrifugal action by rotating and moving the water. To find out which pump will work best for you depends on GPM, which is the amount of flow a pump is able to achieve, and head which is the amount of pressure achieved by the pump. To find out which out which pump will work best for you, contact Miami Pumps where our knowledgeable engineers are ready to help you choose the irrigation pump to best fit your needs!

Some things to think about when choosing an irrigation pump are where your pump will draw water from. Some homeowners use their existing water supply, but many home owners are charged for their water use, so it is important to take this into consideration. Also, many areas have water restrictions and sewer fees, so having a properly fitted irrigation system is vital to prevent unnecessary water loss which will lead to higher costs. You can seek alternative water sources, but be sure to seek the experience and help of an irrigation contractor so that your irrigation system will be installed properly and safely. Miami Pumps will then be there to help you choose the irrigation pump that’s right for you.


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